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  • cited, with the space mission late last year witnessing two Chinese astrR

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    GamePlay - Como passar as miss?es do GTA 5

    onauts return from space after a 33 day stay on the Tiangong-2 space lab, demonstrating China's strong space program. "It was very impressive that the astronauts were able to stay up there for one month," Dempster said. "F

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    It is evident that the Chinese space program is in a very healthy state." Dempster attributes part of China's strong growth in science to education, with significant progress being made in not only sending students abroadk

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    to study, but through partnerships with global universities, partnerships that saw Dempster himself teach in China. "Twice I've been to Beijing to run courses on satellite navigation at Beihang University," Dempster said5

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    . The commitment to education, Dempster said, occurs not only at the university level, but is supported by the work done by the Chinese Government to nurture the burgeoning sector. "There is a good recognition at the top G

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